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Swimming Lesson

Our company, Swimmy offers English swimming lessons at the American Embassy in Tokyo.


Please feel free to contact us !

We are accepting trial lessons.

Learn to Swim for Fun!

We believe that the most important thing in education is to nurture children's "ability to think for themselves" and "ability to act independently"! We aim to be swimming lessons where the coaches do not give one-way guidance, but where everyone can find issues that need to be improved through questions and dialogue.

Our Swimming Lessons

Small group lessons

Each child has different strengths and weaknesses. Small-group lessons prevent them from being left behind. It also allows for more challenges and faster progress.

Swimming coaches don’t teach one-sidedly. Swimming instruction is provided in a flexible manner according to the task to be overcome, the situation, goals and motivation.


Build a healthy, robust body

'Relaxation' and 'concentration' are necessary skills for all sports (exercise), from running and gymnastics to baseball and football. In our swimming lessons, the basic swimming skill is relaxation. This is because it is difficult for the body to float in the water and force is not transmitted to the water properly when the body isn't relaxed.

Swimming is also a popular and recommended lesson as it is a full-body exercise, stimulating fine muscles that are not normally used and greatly developing cardiopulmonary functions.


Foster the ability to think

We try to create an environment where children feel comfortable asking questions. We will do our best to help them think together about what they don't understand and foster their ability to live.

Swimming instructors are not only accomplished swimmers and skilled instructors, but also good communicators, so they can motivate your child to swim by facing them on a one-to-one basis.


Our Swimming Lessons

Group lessons



・Time:Every Thursday 15:30~16:00

・Group Size:max. 4 students


・Goals:Put face in water, Float water

*The goals will be achieved in 3~6 months.



・Time:Every Thursday 16:00~16:30

・Group Size:max. 4 students


・Goals:Push and Glide 5m, Flutter kick without a board 8m, Non breathing crawl 8m

*The goals will be achieved in 3~6 months.



・Time:Every Thursday 16:30~17:00

・Group Size:max. 4 students


・Goals:Crawl 12.5m, Backstroke 12.5m

*The goals will be achieved in 3~6 months.



・Time:Every Thursday 17:00~17:30

・Group Size:max. 4 students


・Goals:Crawl 25m, Backstroke 25m, Breaststroke 25m

*The goals will be achieved in 3~6 months.


・Time:Every Thursday 17:30~18:00

・Group Size:max. 5 students

・Age:About 6~12years

・Goals:Butterfly 25m, Individual Medley 100m

*The goals will be achieved in 3~6 months.


Private lessons

・Time:Please contact us.

・Group Size:Individual / Group of 2 / Group of 3


・Age:Baby - Adult


Supplementary information

* Lessons are not held on Thursdays in week 5.

* From around May 2023, students will be able to transfer to other classes in case of absence.


American Embassy Dormitory

2 Chome-1-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052


Group lessons

EWA members

・Group lesson:Monthly fee (4 times)  ¥14,000

・Trial lesson:One time 3,500 yen

* Read about EWA members here.

 non-EWA members

・Group lesson:Monthly fee (4 times)  ¥18,000

​・Trial lesson:One time 4,500 yen

*If you are not a U.S. Embassy official, you may have to wait almost a month for the lessons to start due to the procedures.
* The parents will be allowed to enter the facility only during the lesson time. If they stay during other times, it may be difficult for them to participate in future lessons.

Private lessons

EWA members


・Group of 2(30min.):¥10,500

・Group of 3(30min.):¥12,250


 non-EWA members


・Group of 2(30min.):¥15,000

・Group of 3(30min.):¥17,500



 Sports Insurance

・800 yen (per person)

* Please pay the sports insurance fee for each member.

* the applicable period of sports insurance is from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. Adults do not have sports insurance, please take care of your own health problems.

Principal Instructor



菅原優 2.jpg
Swimming Book


・Swimmy CEO

・Publications: “Swimming is the best way for children to acquire all the abilities they need.”

・Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University, Department of Education, Lifelong Sports

・Licensed as a junior and senior high school health and physical education teacher

Swimming is the best way for children to acquire all the abilities they need.


[Swimming teaching history]

・15 years (2017-2019, teaching over 300 lessons each year.)

I have experience teaching a large number of students, from infants to the elderly, children with developmental disabilities, and beginners to advanced students. I try to develop the individuality of each student while providing a detailed teaching approach.


[Athletic career]

・National Athletic Meet in Japan

・Japan Student Championships

・National and Public University Championships 400m free relay 3rd place

Please feel free to contact us !

We are accepting trial lessons.

【Swimmy company intelligence】
Name : Swimmy inc
Representative director : Yu Sugahara
Place of residence : 2 F, Diamond Building, 2-2-15 Hamamatsumachi , Minato-ku, Tokyo
Registered capital :1 million yen
Career contents : sports guidance, and the dispatch of sports guidance personnel/classroom operation/talent training, development of ability education and consulting industry
Date : March 1, 2010
Date of establishment : January 28, 2019

[about the management and processing of personal information]
The company keeps customers' personal information correct and up to date. In order to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, fraud, and leakage of personal information, it adopts security system maintenance, management system overhaul, staff education, and other security countermeasures and necessary measures to strictly manage personal information.

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