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お客様の満足度 No.1 ★★★


​Private Swimming Lesson

Personal Swimming Lesson for Children and Adults in Tokyo.


​About private swimming lesson


■ Everyone loves to swim more !
Tokyo Swimmy SS, a coach will prompt the lessons based on swimming theories, not just coaching, to get the kids thinking about what they want to practice and what they can do to improve. Students keep track of their progress with their own customized menus to make swimming more and more enjoyable."Like to become a master"!

■ Be able to look forward to progress in the short term!
For example, the situation in swimming school is "breathing → kicking" and other rigid guidance, if you can not overcome the previous step can not be put into the next step of the practice. Instead, Tokyo SWIMMY's private swimming lessons are a how-to approach to "overcome weaknesses by enhancing strengths" that can lead to improvements in a short period of time. Of course, there are also measures to improve the form of a timely update.
In addition, the coach not only has strong coaching ability but also excellent communication skills, which can improve the enthusiasm of swimming.

■ Build a healthy body!
"Relaxation" and "concentration" are techniques required for all exercise (exercise). Relaxing the body's strength is fundamental to swimming at Tokyo Swimmy SS private swimming lessons (individual lessons).In the state of force, the body is difficult to float in the water, strength is not well conveyed to the water. In addition, because swimming is the whole body movement, exercise muscles which are not use usually, but also to strengthen the heart and lung function.





■ Trial lesson (1 hour): 10,000 yen
■ Individual lesson (1 hour): 12,800 yen
■ 2-person lesson (1 hour): 19,200 yen
■ 3-person lesson (1 hour): 22,400 yen

※90 minutes to 120 minutes of courses, the cost of each course is 1.5 times to 2 times.※ the course time is 60 minutes, excluding the time for rest, dressing and feedback.
※ in addition to the above amount, the additional charges for facilities and transportation are 1,400 yen regardless of distance.
※ the swimming pool in the Minato-ku requires an additional 500 yen due to the limited number of staff available to guide.

■ Membership(Admission) fee:11,000 yen (per person)
■ Sports insurance:1,450 yen (per person)

※Please pay the sports insurance fee for each member.

※ the applicable period of sports insurance is from April 1 to the last day of March of the following year.Adults do not have sports insurance, please take care of your own health problems.
※ membership fee will only be paid when you join the club. No fee will be charged when you adjourn or withdraw from the club.

※ Please pay the Membership(Admission) fee  for each member.

※ the adjournment is resumed at no cost.


Both guests and coaches are available at convenient times.



A swimming pool near the client's home.
※ swimming pools where individual classes are allowed.
※ the average price of transportation and facilities is 1,400 yen.
※ the experience class is only once.
※ bank transfer payment.

Please feel free to contact us !

We are accepting trial lessons for private swimming lessons.

【company intelligence】

Name : Swimmy inc
Representative director : Yu Sugahara
Place of residence : 2 F, Diamond Building, 2-2-15 Hamamatsumachi , Minato-ku, Tokyo
Registered capital :1 million yen
Career contents : sports guidance, and the dispatch of sports guidance personnel/classroom operation/talent training, development of ability education and consulting industry
Date : March 1, 2010
Date of establishment : January 28, 2019

[about the management and processing of personal information]

The company keeps customers' personal information correct and up to date. In order to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, fraud, and leakage of personal information, it adopts security system maintenance, management system overhaul, staff education, and other security countermeasures and necessary measures to strictly manage personal information.

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