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Swimmy inc.

Membership Agreement


Our management (including the modification to possession of membership, the receipt of the membership fee, or several expenses and the procedure of the establishment or repeal of this terms of service) is controlled by Tokyo Swimmy SS (“we” or “us”).



 Our objective is to promote correct understanding and interest in the exercise, as well as to train a healthy mind and body and to aim for the encouragement of sports.


1)Those who are allowed to join us ("member") must fulfill the requirement that made for each course, approve our purpose and agree with these terms of service. 

2)These people have no qualifications to join us: those who are possible to cause some trouble for the smooth running of the lesson, and are regarded as unsuitable for us. In addition, even after the registration, we make that member withdraw from us immediately these facts are revealed. 


Admission procedure

1)For a minor member who will join us, he/she must go through the admission procedure under the joint signature with his/her guardian. In this case, the guardian will have a joint responsibility based on these terms of service in the same way as the guardian himself actually become our member.

Admission fee

Members must pay the prescribed admission fee in the designated means. Moreover, this fee is a necessary cost to conclude the admission contract and execution, therefore once we receive it, we will not refund it.


Since children often present sudden disorder, we will not charge members a cancellation fee on the condition that members make contact with us 3 hours before the lesson begins. Otherwise, we will charge members a cancellation fee as below :

 30% of the lesson fee will be charged if members cancel from 3 to 1 hour prior to the lesson. 

 50% of the lesson fee will be charged if members cancel from 1 hour to 10 minutes prior to the lesson. 

 100% of the lesson fee will be charged if members cancel from 10 minutes to time the lesson begins.

*If the instructor has already been on the way, we will charge members a carfare.


Instruction methods

Our personal and concrete instruction methods are framed by each instructor.



For a conclusion of a personal contract with our instructor and member, this deserves less than a 200,000 yen penalty.


Suspension and expulsion

We are able to suspend or expel the membership if we admit that members come under one of these following conditions ;

1. If members have left membership fees or several expenses unpaid for more than 3 months.
2. If members violate these terms of service or our regulation that we lay down.
3. If members defame, damage our confidence or disturb the order.
4. If it turns out that members have given false statements on the admission document.
5. If members commit a delinquent act that would damage the dignity.
6. If members are infected with an illness such as a contagious disease that would be infectious.
7. If members do not follow our rational instructions.



Members must pay the fee in the designated means. We decide its sort, amount, the day of payment and the means of payment, etc. 



In case a member withdraws from us for personal reasons, that member must let us know the situation. 



We could be closed according to the instructor’s personal reasons.


Members’ utilization and accident

1)We are not called to account for accidents, such as theft, injury, and so on when a member using a facility, unless the cause that we should be responsible for exists.

2)In our lesson, members are not allowed to commit acts that exceed their ability or dangerous ones. 


Modified item

If members changed entry items such as their address or contact address, members must proceed to modify them immediately. 



July 8th, 2019

Swimmy Co., Ltd CEO Yu Sugahara

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