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Swimmy in American Embassy

Admission Rules and Regulations

The operation and management of Swimmy Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the School"), which includes the decision-making procedures for changes to memberships, collection of membership fees and other expenses, and the establishment, amendment, or abolition of membership rules, is carried out by the School.

The School's objective is to promote an accurate understanding of and interest in physical exercise, along with the development of a sound mind and body, and to further the promotion of sports.

Eligibility for membership
(1) Eligibility for membership in the School is open to those who meet the qualifications set for each course, align with the aims of the School, and accept these Terms and Conditions. (Hereafter referred to as 'members')

(2) Individuals who are members of a gang, those who could potentially obstruct the smooth operation of lessons, or those otherwise deemed unsuitable by the School are ineligible for membership. Furthermore, if any of these conditions are identified after the establishment of membership, the member may be asked to withdraw.

Admission procedures
(1) Prospective members must complete the prescribed admission procedures and pay the membership fee along with any other admission fees upon receiving approval. Additionally, if necessary, a doctor's health certificate may be required.

(2) If the applicant is a minor, the application procedure must be completed jointly with a guardian. In such a case, the guardian shall jointly share the responsibilities under the Terms and Conditions as if they themselves were a member.

Contents of instruction
The specific instructional methods of the School are determined by the instructors.

Suspension and Expulsion
The School reserves the right to suspend or expel a member if the member falls into one of the following categories:
(1) Failure to pay the membership fee and other fees stipulated by the School for more than three months. (Note: Upon expulsion, the member must pay all membership fees and other expenses incurred prior to expulsion.)
(2) Violation of these rules or other rules stipulated by the School.
(3) Engagement in a direct contract with an instructor of the School.
(4) Acts that damage the reputation or disturb the order of the School.
(5) Discovery of false statements in the admission documents.
(6) Misconduct deemed detrimental to the dignity of a member.
(7) Contracting a contagious disease or other illness that could be transmitted to others.
(8) Failure to follow reasonable instructions and guidance from the School.

Payment of Membership Fees
Members are obligated to pay the membership fee and other fees stipulated by the School in the prescribed manner. The type, amount, due date, and payment method of membership fees will be determined by the School.

Withdrawal from Membership
Members who wish to withdraw from the School for personal reasons must inform the School accordingly.


Closure of the School
The School may close due to circumstances beyond the control of the pool facilities or instructors. In such cases, the monthly fee will be charged in installments.

Member Usage and Accidents
(1) The School is not responsible for theft, injury, or other accidents that occur while members are using the facilities unless there is a reason attributable to the School.
(2) Members must not engage in dangerous activities or activities for which they are not adequately trained at the School.
(3) In the event of an accident, efforts will be made to contact the pool warden or hospital as soon as possible, but this does not guarantee professional and appropriate treatment.
(4) In the event of an accident, whether caused by the intentional or negligent act of the School, instructor, or student, the School's liability is limited to the scope of the sports insurance and does not extend beyond it.

*Children under junior high school age are required to enroll in the A1 category of the Sports Safety Association.
*High school students and above are not covered by sports insurance and are expected to take responsibility for their own health care.

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